"I prefer to tell my story this way, to let myself be swept away by what has given shape to this idea. Told by words carved out of timeless moments in permanence, because gloo is a permanence.

It all started with a woman, a beautiful American woman. She had eyes as green as English meadows and hair as dark as the autumn night. She had an habit, a magnificent habit, she wore old loafers found in the folds of those wonderful second-hand shops in the streets across the New York bridges. For me it was a gift to admire her beauty in the morning, still lying in the warm bed, to see her body arching to put them on, holding her long hands on the wall, waiting to watch her disappear behind a door, as I imagined her with quick steps digging her way to work. I felt like accompanying her every step.

I know that the most obvious question is to ask why to describe all this, to tell you this slice of life bypassing the canonical descriptions of a product. Why to spend such words.... simply because gloo was born from an act imbued with poetic emotionality, with images, where each time we spent together bypassed my memory by rewinding all the films, poems, heroines, poets and designers, everything that floated in my heart giving me beats that took shape, while at times, extemporaneously, she would stop her eyes on me observing me.

When I returned to Italy, a thought - beyond the permanence of the gift I was lucky to experience - daily wandered in me about her, an indelible thought, like a glue impossible to eradicate, that of giving shape to a trilogy, a language able to encapsulate in an object what my family was accustomed to build. And so an idea took shape, that of combining a running shoe, a car shoe and a “ballerina” in a single product. All prompted by the imagination of her moving with that new formula to preserve and give identity to her path and to that of a thousand other women waiting to be able to live their lives with something new and unique to expand it into a new language.

So during the days spent in my laboratory to build new funds for the family studio, alone in the waiting moments I transformed and shaped what you now observe, that trilogy that has no desire to be a product but permanence, lightness and continuity, to be a voice in the wardrobe of every woman and her dreams in quick or slow steps, to be not poetry at the service of the product, but product at the service of poetry.

And everything now has a form that every woman can carry in her bag, a place of intimacy and sweet disorder. In the end, my wish, observing in my soul those raven hairs undulating amidst the noises of that city, is that this form become an object for you too, a present time, a permanence, a glue in your wardrobes where, in the flow of fashions, it remains as a need, like the shoes of a thousand fairy tales that make you dreamers and still children, through a shoe like gloo, that tries to flourish in this new millennium.

I hope these words can give you something, move you emotionally beyond the frenetic flow that life gives us on a daily basis. Make you look with empathy towards anyone who gives you emotions even for a few seconds, stopping your steps in what I have created simply from a sentimental impulse."